Innovative applications to bridge human-robot interaction in public and private events.

Where science meets art

Nowadays, state-of-art algorithms for robotics, image processing and artificial intelligence are not only applied to solve practical problems but for entertainment as well.

Following the increase in public interest for mobile applications, motion capture and augmented reality, μRoboptics understands the need to broaden the scope of these advanced techniques for the development of innovative and challenging social applications.

Humans and robots alike

μRoboptics develops all sorts of entertainment applications, ranging from puzzle video games to thematic demonstrations for exhibition in public conventions and fairs.

μRoboptics makes use of its vast knowledge of robotics and computer vision to offer solutions that encompass these areas for entertainment, such as natural robot choreographics based on human motion data or applications with augmented reality using image recognition.

Increase your brand presence with Pepper

Pepper can recognize, approach and communicate with everyone. Meet and greet customers in an impactful way using the latest technology in robotics, ensuring a distinct first impression and increasing your brand visibility.

Make communication more efficient and relevant: Understand and record customer preferences, adjusting recommendations accordingly. Pepper offers personalized customer experience by connecting to web services to perform unique, customized tasks.

Grasp the future and start deploying differentiating services with μRoboptics!


Gridartis (beta)

3D puzzle game for smartphones.

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