Modeling, simulation and development of robotic platforms and inspection tools using image processing technology.

No two industries are the same

Several combined years of academic research and business development in both robotics and image processing technology have provided μRoboptics with the knowledge and technical expertise to tackle all industrial needs.

μRoboptics is focused on presenting both full and custom solutions, providing technologies with outstanding performance using novel robotic approaches alongside cutting-edge image processing algorithms.

Robotics for industrial applications

Robotics are an integral part of μRoboptics’ services, ranging from overall system design and specification to hardware assessment and research of state-of-the-art solutions.

Provided work in robotics includes electronic design, firmware development, system modules integration using ROS (Robot Operating System), virtual simulation using Gazebo and hardware testing.

Image processing technology

Image processing systems are rapidly spreading to most industrial areas, mainly being useful for performing quality control, inspection and visual control feedback.

This widespread use requires the technology to be highly integrable and customizable in order to successfully meet the specific requirements of each application.

μRoboptics technology and staff successfully combine these key aspects, making us the perfect partner to develop technical solutions using computer vision.



Autonomous vehicles for industrial applications.


Electrostatic gripping system for fabric handling.


Smart inspection tool using image projection and capture.


Smart measuring tape with bluetooth connection for garment quality control.



Autonomous UV-C disinfection for industrial, commercial, academic and public spaces using robotic platforms.