Research and development of bioinformatics technology for medical applications.

Technology applied on what really matters

Recent advances in technology, namely in computer vision, artificial intelligence and robotics, are also being successfully applied to the medical field.

Ranging from hardware design and development to software and computer-based algorithms for automatic analysis and decision-making, μRoboptics is excited to help technology for medical applications move forward and advance.

Making a difference

There are many applications in the medical sciences that benefit from the aforementioned technological advances. Data analysis, as well as automation, are examples of applications that μRoboptics has developed in the past in this space.

μRoboptics has also fully developed the μFrenzel® Video Goggles – Medical, the first affordable vertigo diagnostic equipment available in the market that allows precise, real-time visualization of eye movements in the absence of visual fixation (total darkness).


μFrenzel® Video Goggles

Vertigo diagnostic equipment for real-time visualization of eye movements in the absence of visual fixation.


FACEPRINT (Eurostars)

Rapid and cost-effective 3D printing technology of biocompatible personalized prosthesis for facial reconstruction.

FAST-bact (H2020)

Novel and fast Antibiotic Susceptibility Tests to determine antibiotic susceptibility of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.


Supervised machine learning approach to Flow Cytometry Antibiotic Susceptibility Tests.

RespiQ++ (DIGI-B-CUBE)

Automation of RespiQ breath analysis sensor for food intolerance detection.

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