Mosquito3D is a full-package service for external motorization and measurement analysis of construction sites, using a web-based framework compatible with all modern browsers.

With Mosquito3D, you can virtually navigate your construction site as a fully-detailed 3D reconstruction capture and compare its current state with captures taken at different time instants. All of the site reconstructions are processed in our internal servers using image data captured with dedicated equipment and state-of-the-art photogrammetric techniques, and are available online in under 24 hours.

Captures of the same construction site taken at different times are aligned using precision tools with georeferenced anchor points placed around the site, allowing to visualize its evolution in both space and time, as well as the computation of several time-dependent metrics such as volume differences in the terrain.


Main features of the web-based framework:

  • Virtual Navigation;
  • Distances between points;
  • Angles between semi-lines;
  • Geodetic measurements using GPS data;
  • Projected distances under user-defined axis;
  • Volume difference in two time instants;
  • Visual comparison between two captures from different time instants;
  • Visual comparison with super-imposed building plans.


Image acquisition methods:

  • Quadcopter equipped with a camera;
  • Special device with a camera installed in a moving crane (no local agent needed).


Mosquito Website: