FacePrint project approved!


The FacePrint project has been approved for funding by the Eurostars Programme, a joint programme between EUREKA and the European Commission. μRoboptics is part of the international consortium, alongside Nanotecmarin Gmbh, Vu Medical Center, Oceanz B.v. and Mediafarm Aps. Congratulations to all partners! The FacePrint project will develop a market-ready, rapid, and low-cost 3D printing service for facial prosthetics….

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Minuto Azul, TSF


“µFrenzel, um gadget português que ajuda a salvar vidas.” Dr. Leonel Luís, Director of the Otolaryngology Department from Hospital de Santa Maria in Lisbon, speaks about the µFrenzel video goggles in Minuto Azul at TSF. Link:

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Order now!


We are glad to announce that the μFrenzel video goggles are now available for order! Also, we are now accepting payments with Paypal! Visit our μFrenzel website or go directly to our store and order your video goggles at a special price!

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We are recruiting!


We are recruiting new, aspiring talents to integrate our team! If you are driven with passion for state-of-art technologies and aim to develop innovative products, apply now! μRoboptics is looking for a full-time Computer Science Engineer to develop web platforms with graphic libraries (WebGL), Android/IOS apps and engineering software (e.g. Robotics, Civil Engineering, Biomedical). Requirements: – MSc. in…

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Pre-Order now!


The μFrenzel video goggles is the first affordable vertigo diagnostic equipment! This medical device is intended to aid the diagnose the several clinical syndromes such as: Acute Vestibular Syndrome; Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV); Ménière’s disease; Migrainous vertigo. Checkout today the μFrenzel website ( and pre-order your video goggles at a special price!

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H2020 FTI results are in!


μRoboptics is part of the first Portuguese lead consortium to present an H2020 Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) project selected for funding. Congratulations to the leader FASTinov and the other partners Servicio Madrileno de Salud, Euroclone Diagnostica and Profess Medical Consultancy!  

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